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Re: [IP] confused ...about package label

That's what I was told at Costco by the vendor of "sugar-free" 
chocolate. He said that maltose in not an effective carb. How can so 
many people get away with false advertising? All of my research says 
carbs will raise glucose levels.

On Thursday, September 11, 2003, at 09:36 AM, email @ redacted wrote:

> I am a tad confused about the packaging label a friend showed me.
> It is Russell Stover LOW CARB Peanut Butter cups.  States on the 
> front: Zero
> sugar carbs.  2.4 carbs per piece.  Under nutrition facts (on the 
> back) it
> states that 4 pieces = 19g total carbs.
> HOWEVER, in the corner (in small print) it says
> Total carbs              19.2g
> -Fiber                     - 2.1g
> -sugar alcohol          -7.4g
> Net effective carbs     9.7g
> (Includes only those carbs that have a noted effect on blood sugar).
> SO, Do you NOT go by the total carbs listed in this 
> case??????????????????????
> I always have just looked at the total carbs to figure out how much 
> bolus to
> take.  Are you supposed to subtract the fiber and sugar 
> alcohol??????????????
> thanks
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