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[IP] pumps. meters. cell phones and store security alarms- long and frustrating

I wrote the original post on this subject.  I have tried everything I can 
think of.  I would go into a local food store with just the pump and not beep, 
then with the pump and meter and not beep but add the cell phone and I would 
 beep. My husband would go in with my phone and noting would beep. This happens
some places and not other places. Someone on the list mentioned that wallets 
sometimes have mfg sensors in them and perhaps they need to be removed.  
 Tonight before entering Target, were I always beep for sure, I handed my
husband my
Prada wallet.  I still beeped.  I am so disgusted.  The security guard was on 
top of me as I entered.  She insisted that she had to know what was causing 
the beeping.  I explained that I did not know and have tried to know but have 
 come up with nothing concrete. This now was causing a scene. There is no place
to step to the side.  I showed her the pump and I handed her the pocketbook 
which beeped.  She asked if I had a key card.  I did not.  She insisted that 
she had to know what was in the bag causing the beeping.  I now have an 
 audience. Do I turn the pocketbook on the floor of the store at the entrance?
Do I
open my meter, do take out my insulin pen, my glugacon kit, my frio with my 
insulin in it with needles, my extra test strips, my case with extra infusion 
 sets and reservoir? Should this be everyone's business who is standing there? I
explained that they had a right to protect THERE merchandise but leave my 
 stuff alone. I then went over to the manger, who appeared to be a kid, told him
of my experience and he told me that they have every right to go through my 
stuff if I beep and he was sorry I feel that way and have a good day.  I guess 
 it didn't help me when I told them that if they went through all my stuff right
there and found nothing of theirs, I would sue them for invading my privacy.  
 Sorry this is so long but I am just disgusted.

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