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Re: [IP] WAS when reservoits are mt.

 > >>When my sugar goes over 250 which happens often I usually give myself a
 > >>
 > >>
 > >shotof insulin.  I take the insulin out from the Reservoir in my pump 
with a
 > >>syringe.

I Never Do That...
first, i dont think, if the site IS ok, that its any more positive, or "Better"
(from the point of absorption) (i could be quite wrong here)

lets face one thing... if the insulin you use in the pump, is what you put 
in a syringe, and
its >bad<, there is NO injection method, thats going to work...

personally, i dont like the idea, no matter where you get the insulin from...
in my case, it seems when i go that high, its due to some miscalculation....

AND, even if it wasnt the problem,... 250 isnt yet all that dangerous, IMO, 
as long as its being dealt with....
Again... just my own thought, taking a shot, when/if your having some pump 
problem, means, sooner or later,
you will go high again, since your putting a bandaid on the problem, not 
resolving it...

there are some, who might say, take the shot, and then deal with he pump, but,
that may be an alternative for them, and, maybe for you, but Not For Me.

IMO, its better to first, bolus via the pump, to see, if in fact, it was a 
simple miscalculation.
within an hour, (+/-) you should know if it at least Starting to work 
(implying that the pump, the insulin, and the site are ok)...if its not 
lower, or is bit higher....
I change everything...

what I WANT, is to get the pump working, and back on line.
of course, if your pump is bad, and you dont have a spare, your choices 
become greatly diminished.
its shot time , or bust

after over 34000,  and 11 months removed, i dont know, if i THINK, 
im  afraid of needles, or, its just
a matter of principle ??... likely the latter
My Way Might Not Be The Best Way For You
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