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Re: [IP] when reservoits are mt.

Sorry bout all the quote marks :-)

A couple things wrong that I see:

1. Air in the tubing etc... been addressed
2. What if the insulin in your reservoir is bad and causing the high 
sugars... I've had it happen (not with the pump though)
3. You're shortening the time between new reservoirs... A vial of insulin 
is worth a couple dollars more than 1 MM reservoir here in canada (11 bucks 
for a vial) so it's probably cheaper than going through 2 or 3 extra 
reservoirs a month
4.  You should be corrective bolusing from your pump. Confirm your pump is 
wrong... High sugars are usually the fault our own doing (or lack of doing) :-)
5. If this is often, do you low a lot after the needle? Perhaps you need to 
readdress your basal and especially your insulin to carb ration

I hope most of this hasn't ben repeated, I wasn't able to find the full 
thread in email client.... bizarre I haven't deleted incoming mail since 
1994...oh well that's for another list :-)


> >>When my sugar goes over 250 which happens often I usually give myself a
> >>
> >>
> >shot
> >
> >
> >>of insulin.  I take the insulin out from the Reservoir in my pump with a
> >>syringe.
> >>Does anyone see a problem with this?  Is this what most of you do?
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