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[IP] Re: 507C downloads

Hi, CM.

> With my 507C they advertised ability to download the pump but never
> did come up with the software.

I regularly download the pump data to my computer using the Minimed
"Com-Station" and the "Solutions Pumps and Meters" software.

> In a couple of weeks the Solutions software is going to be available
> to download the pump onto your computer. And you can download any
> meter you have and have comprehensive reports.

I don't know who told you that, but it CAN'T be true, at least not for
the 507/508 pump models. These pumps don't have conventional ports to
connect to the PC, such as serial or USB ports. They have two
infra-red (IR) ports and must thus be inserted into a special cradle,
called a "Com-Station", which has matching IR ports to receive the
data. The Com-Station plugs into the PC with a conventional serial

The download is controlled by the Minimed "Solutions Pumps and Meters"
software. This program can also be used to download bg meter data,
but, IMHO, the software that's already available from the meter
manufacturer does a better job.

> Your pump will already have your insulin and carb info.

Your pump has insulin info, but no carb info. Your meter typically has
bg info, but no carb info. The Solutions Pumps and Meters software
allows you to combine the insulin info with the bg info, but it does
nothing with carb info, and the current version of the program, 3.0A,
does not do a stellar job. It was developed for physicians, not
patients, and physicians typically have very little time to devote to
data analysis. They want a few graphs that can be quickly perused and
that's just what they get.

If anyone wants more information about the Com-Station or the
Solutions Pumps and Meters software from a patient (*not* a doctor)
who regularly uses both, please contact me.

regards, Andy
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