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Re: [IP] confused ...about package label

No, fiber is not like fat.  It just doesn't get digested at all.  It doesn't 
slow the digestion of other carbs, though.

 Fat works in several ways. First, a lot of fat can cause the body to slow down
digestion.  Also, certain cooking techniques can cause the fat to "surround" 
the sugar molecules so that when you eat it, it takes longer for the sugar to 
get "out" of the fat molecule.  In some cases, fat won't slow anything down at 
all.  (Typically, this would be when fat isn't cooked to "surround" the sugar, 
and when there isn't too much fat.)

Anyhow, again, you should be able to ignore fiber entirely.  BUT, there is a 
caveat to that.  IF you have set your bolus ratios WITHOUT factoring in fiber, 
then you might find you need to reset them if your start subtracting fiber.  
This is because MOST foods have a fairly similar ratio of fiber to carbs...but 
it is problematic when there is a lot more fiber.

If you have taken the time to get your bolus ratios set while NOT factoring in 
fiber, then you can ALWAYS ignore fiber.  Otherwise, you might just ignore 
fiber only if there is more than 3-4 grams per serving.  

As always, YMMV!  ;-)


>but does fiber, like fat? slow down the digetion process to make the BG
>levels different than when little/no fiber is eatec?
>----- Original Message ----- 
>> Fiber does NOT affect BGLs because the body cannot break fiber down.  It
>> passes through the body.
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