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Re: [IP] confused ...about package label

Fiber does NOT affect BGLs because the body cannot break fiber down.  It just 
passes through the body.  

Sugar alcohols, however, are only not "effective" for those who still produce 
 insulin. They break down slower in the body, therefore, the body can take care
of them, even in many Type 2 diabetics, without causing a spike.  They DO, 
however, eventually enter the blood stream.

 For the Type 1, the carbs in sugar alcohols STILL need to be counted as regular
carbs.  Some people, however, only bolus for half of the sugar alcohols due to 
the delay (and compensate it later by doing a correction).  

But, in general, unless you start experiencing lows, you should subtract out 
fiber but ALL other carbs (even those supposedly that are "not effective 
carbs") should be included.

My personal preference, of course, is to just forego eating anything 
 labeled "sugar free" to begin with and eat the good stuff! :-) Avoids all the

 BTW, usually most foods we eat today have very little fiber, so usually you can
ignore it.  But, in some cases where fiber content is higher, you should 
 subtract it to prevent over-bolusing. Good exampe: Shredded wheat cereal has 5
grams of fiber per serving.  For me, that is .5 units, enough to lower my BGL 
22 pts!  


>It is Russell Stover LOW CARB Peanut Butter cups.  States on the front: Zero 
>sugar carbs.  2.4 carbs per piece.  Under nutrition facts (on the back) it 
>states that 4 pieces = 19g total carbs.
>HOWEVER, in the corner (in small print) it says
>Total carbs              19.2g
>-Fiber                     - 2.1g
>-sugar alcohol          -7.4g
>Net effective carbs     9.7g
>(Includes only those carbs that have a noted effect on blood sugar).
>SO, Do you NOT go by the total carbs listed in this case??????????????????????
>I always have just looked at the total carbs to figure out how much bolus to 
>take.  Are you supposed to subtract the fiber and sugar alcohol??????????????
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