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[IP] paradigm pathway upgrade

Hi All,

 I received my upgrade 512 pump yesterday! I know everyone has said they were
told the upgrade would be free, but I honestly had not even heard about a new
pump back in March when I purchased my 511. I have submitted the upgrade to my
insurance and am keeping my fingers crossed they will cover it. I'll keep you
informed! I really like the new 512 with Link meter! And the bolus wizard is
great. My only problem at this point is getting the strips covered, as my
insurance only covers two brands of strips, but are working on adding the BD
strips. In the meantime, my minimed rep has Federal Expressed me 300 strips at
no charge! I thought that was great.

 I called Minimed this morning with some questions, and since I had them on the
phone, I asked about "The Letter"! The rep I spoke with was very nice and
informative, stating that Minimed has not come up with a plan as of yet. He did
tell me that the pump was still ok to be splashed or briefly submerged (like I
fell in the pool!) I asked if Minimed would be offering current users a
replacement once Minimed had corrected the problem, he didn't know what the plan
was at this time. I also asked about the sports guard! I don't really want one,
but thought I'd see what they'd offer. I told him I had plans to go rafting this
year, and was concerned about the pump getting wet. He told me that in that
instance the pump would be fine (of course!) as it would not really be
submerged. Guess I should have said I was going scuba diving in Hawaii. He did
say that if I was wanting a sports guard anyway, they would offer it to me at
half price. Ah well, I tried!

Just wanted to add my voice to the growing crowds!

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