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Re: [IP] Animas pump Annoyances

On Thursday, September 11, 2003,  "Andrew Bender \(spot\)" 
<email @ redacted>, in response to my post:
>  I got an occlusion alarm ... with the Animas, after such an alarm, 
> you have to prime
> before the pump will work again (and stop alarming every few minutes).
> Well, I was able to press the "confirm" button to turn off the alarm,
> but not to disconnect, which I felt I had to do before priming.

> - - ----------------------------------------------------------
> Just as bad if you were a guy with long pants and you get a false 
> occlusion
> alarmwhile teaching a lecture class. Not real cool, undoing your pants 
> button,
> unzipping your fly and sticking your arm down intoyour pants to get to 
> the Sil
> in your thigh, to disconnect and prime. the frantic alarm should have 
> a menu
> item cancel alarm which mutes the alarm for 10 minuites or so before 
> it goes
> off again

Does anyone know, would we have both been able to avoid these prime 
alarms if we had just set the temp basal to OFF? In other words, is the 
NO PRIME beeping automatically, or is it happening when the pump tries 
to give a basal increment?

This would, of course, not solve the problem of not getting insulin 
during this period, but we could have made up for that when we got to a 
private place to access our infusion sites <gr.>.

Linda Z
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