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Re: [IP] Re: Dear Abby . . .

From: email @ redacted

In a message dated 9/10/2003 6:22:45 AM Alaskan Daylight Time,
email @ redacted writes:
> I'm very much like that too, anytime I hit 250-300+
> I can turn on a dime, from happy go lucky to wheres
> the butcher knife, your breathing wrong, it bothers me
> I want to dispose of you :-)
so now when i have an outburst, first thing..
"GO CHECK YOURSELF!" :-) usually their right,
i'm high.

<Reisa, I am the same way.....and the weird thing is, I hear myself doing

Yes!  That's *exactly* how I am - It's like I'm strangely watching myself,
it rarely occurs to my affected brain to *do* something about it.  The
I can keep my sugars in line, the better my re-reaction time in noticing I'm
"losing it" and heading to check my sugars.  I've asked my kiddos and dh
to gently say, even "push" me, to "GO TEST!" Though with me it is 99%
lows that set me off - I don't seem to have mood swings at the high end.

<I definitely think that this is a YMMV issue. But most important, is for
those around us to suggest that we check out BG if we are behaving unlike
normal selves (hmmmI wonder what is normal )>

<bg> What is normal, indeed? lol  I *do* know normal for me is *not* the
"screaming mimi" I can become with sugar below 60...  And like Reisa,
*any* stupid little thing can set me off at those times... but it seems from
the posting it's definitely a ymmv, case-by-case sort of thing...
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