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[IP] treatment. of dka

For me, CeeDee, the water is as important as the insulin, *and* I have
always been told, and found important, to take some of the fluid as broth -
the salt is tied in to restoring me to negative ketones.  Though I never
have spiked to 500 (at least since I began testing again, which is only the
last 4 years or so...), I would imagine the water and salt is needed for
most folks, no? Though it seems "ymmv" is the only constant here ;-)  Also,
is going to the ER necessary for ketones?  I've always treated them at home,
even large ketones, with insulin, water (til my eyeballs float lol), and
salt.  Since pumping, I've called my MD for suggested insulin dosages during
these highs, only because it seemed "the rules had changed" from what I had
used (prior to pumping, had used a formula I got from Joslin years ago and
just self-treated, which seemed to work just fine).

Also, a recent post mentioned testing ketones via blood - I had never heard
of that before and have always tested via urine strips.  Is the only
difference the time lag factor?

- --------------------------------------------------------Time is of the
essence in treating DKA. It can kill you within just a few minutes. It takes
about 30 mins for ketones to show themselves in your pee. spot. Broth and even
Gatoraide are good agents. to restore bicarbonate and other electrolytes
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