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[IP] type 1 and type 2 gymteachers etc.

Ryan Bruner writes about gym teacher:
-------------Fragment------------------------>cut here
> blood sugar, he needs to know that in order to handle it appropriately.
> asthma and diabetes will affect students of gym teachers more than any other
> because both can have problems caused by activity.
> Now, it very well COULD be that he is out of touch...but I would give him
> benefit of the doubt at this point, and merely correct his misconceptions.
> After all, I know a lot of DIABETICS who don't understand the difference
> between Type 1 and Type 2, let alone teachers, friends, family, nurses,
> doctors, etc.  :-)
> Now, your daughter's bigger issue is likely the fellow students.  Some
>  education might need to take place there, and you might talk to the gym
> and request that he clarify his comments to say that not all cases of
> are the result of not being fit, etc.  (And, if he doesn't know this, then
> is a good way to teach him, gently.).
Ryan, don't waste your time. Many doctoirs do not understand the distinction,
I am saddened to say.
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