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[IP] Retinopathy

Becca S. writes
> You got a point there. I was told no mater what if I had further testing
> or not to "prove" I was type 1 , they are going with the C-peptide AND
> and nothing else. To my insurance companies, I am basically a money hog in
> their eyes as diabetes costs over 100 billion dollars anually in loss of
> productivity, ect. but they should know by now with all the data out on the
> market, that diabetes does kill and with the complications that can arise
> treating it in the best possible manner is going to cost them less in the
> term (ie. I just got home about a hour ago and it is 120 pm from my eye
> doctor. I had a diabetic exam and a vision check all in one. NO
> but my vision has changed for the first time in 11 years so I have had to
> a prescription for new glasses and had to order new contacts) I asked Dr
> Waldman how much it costs for lazer surgery for retinopathy and he stated
> about 1500 per eye just for his services, not encluding the help and
> medications and the hospital where he does them at)
spot writes: a "normal or high" c-peptide is not indicative of type 2 diabetes
it only means you are making insulin. that insulin may not work. eople with
this condition will go into ketoacidosis just like a pereson with type 1.
Medicare, stupidly contends these folks don't need pumps.
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