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[IP] casnulating to insert infusion sites, tips for reducing pain

 Before Starting, Clean the site with an alcohol wipe, after it dries use IV
prep rub on the skin exerting some elbow grease. when the IV prep is dry apply
an IV 3K if desired. This eems to give added support for the sil I dont like
EMLA. it is very allergenic You can ice the area with an ice cube over the
skin. .
Decide where you want your site. Pick a site close to the midline of your
body, therer are fewer pain nerves there.
I use the tops of my thighs. When the introducer nedle penetrates the skin,
there is some pain i use a very small angle as if the sil is an airplane.skin
always bunches up at this point. no bother just keep pushing.it will actually
make the sil angulate upward to 30 degees at this point Do not fear thhe pain
will be worse if you push harder. Theire ere fewer pain nerves on the midline
subcutanous, you will be able to feel it just under the skin. Apply light
pressuire over the needle and glide it to the desired depth.If you push too;
hard the needle will bend. You must destroy the sil at this point. it cannot
be salvaged. Even if the sil looks ok, dont use it.withe the sil now in, reove
the smooth adhesiove protector with you fingers.do it carefullyusing the iv
prep, moisten the area of skin or IV 3Kwhen its dry paste down the adhesive on
the underside.remove the introducer stylet loosen the paper protector then
repeat. put some iv prep on the skin or IV 3Kwhen dry paste down the tail of
the silh ook up the tuboing to the sil.
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