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[IP] pump denial

Subject: Re: [IP] Total Daily Doses

>Well I can see that I need to remind all that I am not currently a insulin
>But I did find out why I was denied (finally found out).
>For the units of insulin that I use per day veries day in and day out
>some days it is just the 29 units of Lantus per day, some days it is almost
>units total (29u Lantus and 16 NovoLog). It depends on how I feel and if I
>or I don't eat.

Becca, do you mean that variable rate of insulin use was what they
used to deny coverage??  That is completely counter to what the pump
is all about!    We use pumps so that we can live our life the way we
want, eat when we want and NOT eat when we want.   Being on a long
term insulin (even Lantus) you have to do what the insulin tells you.
Being on a pump, you tell the insulin when to work and when not to.
Grrrrrr.   If that really was the reason, then they showed total
stupidity!  Grrrrrr.   Please tell me if I misunderstood.    :>)

what genius made this determination. do you know any type 1 diabetic who
shoots the same number of uniots everyday. I don't that is why you need a
pump. ,spot
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