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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #460 - Minimed Paradigm

I am briefly responding to Ryan and EFWilkins on their comments responding to 
my observations about the Paradigm.   

It occurs to me that you are not aware that there are different versions of 
software for these pumps.  Since the time I posted the original message, the 
 entire Paradigm pump that I had completely failed with the screen displaying
words "Check BG" backwards, then turning black then displaying nothing. It 
 sat for several days beeping randomly with NO screen display and no response to
bottoms pushed.  I did return it to Minimed and they have provided a 
completely new pump, which now seems to be working more effectively.

I'm going to guess that Ryan is relatively new to using an insulin pump based 
on the comment about "don't all insulin pumps have a rewind feature?", as 
well as other several other comments he provided in his feedback. I am glad to 
 know that he has found another battery with longer life expectancy,
noting that Minimed emphatically notes in their guide that you MUST use the 
Energizer for best battery life. 

Diabetic for 34 years on a pump for approximately ten.
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