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[IP] Re: 507C Downloads

> With my 507C they  advertised ability to download the pump but never did
> come up with the software.  At least they never told me about it.

>My 507C has been downloaded numerous times. The dr. has to have the
>it is to do the downloads. Perhaps your doc never bought it.

I remember the rep telling me that initially it would be something that your
doctor could download if he had the software but eventually pump users could
get it.  At the time I went to an internist and was his only pumper so I
knew my dr. would not get it or the Continuous glucose monitor.

Also my pump rep said the MM 507C was made out of the same material that
helmets are made out of and they would not break if dropped.  I personally
think that pumps (and cell phones) should be able to withstand being dropped
(even in water) - no one's perfect.  That should be part of their testing
process.  I have dropped my 507 a number of times but luckily never in the
water.  But my rep said it would be OK as long as I dried it off right away.

Age 45, Type 1 dx 09/19/1973, pumping 4 years
and daughter Melinda, age 19, Type 1 - dx 11/04/2002, MDI
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