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[IP] Re: Defense of MM - agree

 I agree with Wendy, even though I called MM to make my concerns known (and am
getting a free sports case). Still, I truly believe that they didn't act in bad
faith or falsely advertise, breach any contracts or do any other malicious
thing. I think it truly was a "blow" to them as their guy told me today. Having
worked in the business world for many years, it's easy for me to understand how
their testing under lab conditions would yield different results than when
thousands of people wear the pump in the real world 24/7. I can just imagine the
egg on their face and the scrambling around that's going on there right now. I
think the fact that they will continue to honor the warranty even if people
ignore their advice and continue to wear the pump in the water says a lot. I'm
on my 3rd MM pump in 10 years and probably will stay with them as long as they
continue to have the smallest pump since it's easier to hide under clothes, etc.
In 10 years I've only had to replace 2 bad pum!
 ps (one
  was the 511 due to water getting in after two weeks of snorkeling last month).
I've always had good service from them, although it's declined somewhat since
their merger with Medtronic. I think it's like with Microsoft and Starbucks - a
lot of people like to complain about the big guys, even though they did a lot to
open up markets and create new demand for a product that wasn't there before,
introduce new technologies, etc. After all, if it wasn't for MM, we might not be
where we are today with all these wonderful technological advances and choices
in diabetes care. I just thought that they should at least offer the sports case
for free to those who wanted one, without having to go up three levels of
command, but otherwise I understand the situation even if it's not what I would
have wanted.
Pam dx'd 1989, pumping 10 yrs

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