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[IP] Re:type 1 and overwt.

Just wanted to add my suggestion to the pile. 
Insulin is a 'fat storage' hormone and glycogen
is a 'fat burning' hormone. In order to switch 
to the 'fat burning' mode it helps some (not all) 
to eat a couple mouthfuls of protein at the 
beginning of the meal. I found this suggestion 
in a book on diabetes and dieting (sorry can't 
remember name of book)and for some reason it 
stuck with me because I thought it was an 
interesting fact.

I think it also seems to help increase one's
metabolism if one exercises daily (or almost daily)
-even a 10 min.walk in the morning helps me and the
insulin work better.<smile>

Found an article on Web Md about which exercises burn
the most fat. Thought it might help.


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