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[IP] Defense of Minimed

Hi Everyone....
  Sorry to take the high road here but i have to say to all you complaining
about Minimed 511/512 no longer being waterproof to take a breather and quit
complaining. Let's look at another pump company named Disetronic's and their
issues with the waterproof issue. Their first pumps the Disitronic H1000 were
supposed to be WATERPROOF. Well on this list it was reported that some
disitronic users were getting their whole reservoir put into their system at
once when submerged in water. When this rumor first surface around 2000 or so.
It was claimed to be a ploy by the "evil" minimed company to trash their
competitors. Well quess what about a year or so later Disetronic sent a letter
to all owners of the HV100 pump telling them of the issue. Low and behold it was
not a minimed propaganda rumor. Oh me oh my. The great disetronic company was
wrong. Disetronic then produced the D tron which was once again advertised as
waterproof. Well within 6 months of putting out that pump they determined it
wasn't either. Man am i seeing a pattern here. I believe initially there were
lots of questions about the Paradigm being waterproof or not. I am not sure
whatever came down from the company but some other company must have tested it
or they tested it perhaps in the same way disetronic did and found that it was
waterproof or so they thought. Well when a few thousand people use the pump in
their daily lives the pumps are leaking. Why I don't know and I really don't
care. If you wanted a truely proven waterproof pump and had taken the time to do
a little online reasearch you would have seen that Animas has proven itself
waterproof. The cozmo seems to have a pretty good track record also. I am just
tired of hearing everyone bash minimed for something disetronic did to their
customers twice. Minimed is at least offering you a half price sports case. I
paid 50 bucks for mine. Disetronic offered their customer's squat. Heck they
didn't even give up graders to the Dtron plus from the D tron a second pum
  never received anything but the best of care from Minimed customer service and
event though my next pump will be a Deltec Cozmo. Sorry Animas's customer
service with some of my online friends has left me very unimpressed with them
but won't get into that here. Sorry to seem so nasty and grouchy here, but I am
in a vile mood and this has yanked my chain one too many times. Stepping off my
platform...kicking the phantom dog and running for cover.
  Wendy, curley blue, mm508, larry the lancer and moe the meter...together we
are the four grouchy stooges.
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