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[IP] Re: Minimed - call from a "higher-up"

> He said the purpose of the letter was to alert people to the problem
> and to recommend not to wear it in the water, but that doing so wouldn't
> invalidate the warranty.

And that is good news!  I would hope that the warranty would apply even if
damage was caused by water, as the warranty was sold with the pump under the
original specifications.  Changing those specifications later should not
change the warranty as a result, IMO that would be unfair to customers if
some sort of "accident" occurred and they would then be responsible for
replacing their pump out of pocket.

I don't swim much, and I've only taken my Paradigm into the water once (at
the beach) and it was fine.  I do however end up getting wet a lot bathing
my son (2) and from playing out side with the hose and the sprinklers with
my son, and I never gave these activities a second thought, though I may
reconsider fully submerging my pump in the future, but I will not worry
about getting the pump "wet" from splashing or other activities.

In other news my "pathway" paradigm will be here Friday, and while I am not
"thrilled" with the idea of paying for this upgrade, the features are just
too tempting.. I will let everyone know how that goes.

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