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[IP] RE: Replacement lancet

This is my gripe, which I figured would go nicely with your post about them
wanting to send you 800 lancets---why oh why, especially for people ordering
their second pump, do they send supplies that we wont need or use?
I realize they make money on the whole starter package, but sometimes they put
things in there which are unnecessary.  I just got my second pump, an Animas,
and while I am very blessed and happy to have it--I didn't need the Adhesive
remover they sent to me.  I am sure a whole box of that costs enough money
that I could have had something else, or nothing at all.
Further, Minimed used to send out tape and things that a person using
Silhouettes just doesn't need.
Just my 2cents, a little late because I am behind on the mail.
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