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Re: [IP] Regarding MiniMed

>  I bought my 508 in July of 2001.  At this time, Minimed was offering a
"tradeup" special.
>  Anyone who bought a 508 during a specified time would automatically be
able to
> "trade up" to a Paradigm when it was released.  I filled out all the
paperwork and waited for the new pump to be released. When it was, Minimed
refused to allow me the tradeup.
>  They said they never received the postcard to be sent in to register for
> program.  I sent them a copy of my receipt to show when I had purchased
the 508, but they
> told me if I couldn't show them a copy of the postcard I sent them (Who
> copies of this stuff?), they would not honor their agreement.
> -Rob Masters


I had exactly the same experience--filled out the paperwork, sent in the
postcard, waited, no letter, so I called them: "we have no record of
receiving the postcard blah blah"--was not even nice about it--so, at the
suggestion of a fellow IP'er, I emailed the CEO of Minimed, and a few days
later my local rep called me and a week later I had my Paradigm.

One thing I've learned, when it comes to your health care (and especially
MM), you have to be your own (aggressive) advocate, otherwise the "system"
is more than happy to let you down. YOU are the customer and WE are making
some people rich, so let them earn the business.

I know some people may think we are "MM bashers", but really it is just one
individual MM story after another. May not even be statistically
significant. But this is how brand loyalty is built or lost. I too will be
looking at all of the companies next time around.

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