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[IP] water tightness and pump size

Donny wrote:
MM claimed that the pump
was waterproof in 8 feet of water for 24 hours. This was a major step
up. The rating was IPX8 instead of 7, like the rest of the pumps out
there. This was the major selling point along with the smaller size.
Sharon answered:
My thought of MM's water tightness is that since I received my paradigm (which
was an upgrade from the 507C), I still followed the habit of taking the pump
off for swimming and showering. I just didn't want to bother. Yes, I feel MM
is wrong by falsely advertising that the paradigm is safe under water, etc.
when it is not. If they send me a 512/BD logic combo - that will be
honkey-dorey as a replacement.
Regarding pump size, I don't really see much of a difference in pump size that
is different from my 507C. I have noticed the bulkiness of all the pump
accessories from MM - the plastic harness stuck the pump "way out there" as
well as the neoprene case for the paradigm, the sport case, etc. I prefer
Animus' pump accessories, they fit nice -don't stick way out there and seem to
be of high quality-not bad in price. The leather case for my paradigm isn't
bad though, I seem to use that the most with all my clothing choices. Think,
MM, Think about what you are doing! Happy pumping Sharon B
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