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[IP] Re: IPX Ratings

 From the IP web link

It show Animas R1000( not the IR1000) as watertight,

the Cozmo as watertight,

H-Tron Plus as water resistant

D-Tron Plus, watertight

MM508, water resistant

MM511, watertight

and Dana Diabevare II as watertight,

no listing for Amigo yet on the link.

And see, I <snipped> :):):)

  Michel J. Boucher email @ redacted >From:
email @ redacted (insulin-pumpers-digest) > >Date:
Wed, 10 Sep 2003 17:16:32 +0000 >From: email @ redacted >Subject:
[IP] RE: More about IPX8... > > >Just for completeness, can someone state
what the IPX rating is on the Cozmo, >Amigo, and other such pumps? Just
curious. :-) > >Ryan


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