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[IP] Re:type 1 and overweight

I think we all know that weight gain with diabetes can and does happen.
There can also be weight loss. I've seen how much food my daughter has had
to consume just to chase the insulin (pre-pump of course) when she wasn't
even hungry. Then after going on the pump 5 years ago she found she could
eat all she wanted, whenever she wanted. But we all know she would never do
this at home, in front of me! lol She is currently about 15 lbs overweight
and working on losing it (as far as I know, she hasn't put together the fact
that if you let yourself run high, you can lose faster -- eek!!) Then there
are the natural changes that occur as we grow older. Many experience a hugh
change in metabolism, whether they have diabetes or not, as we grow older.
Lifestyle changes, job changes, even where you live in the country can
affect your weight, although maybe not directly. And I know that if you
throw in a thyroid condition, wow, what a hardship it can be for some to
loose weight. I have a good friend that I have watched struggle with her
weight for 7 years now -- she too takes synthroid and if I ate what she ate,
I'd have no problem with weight. But she struggles and is still gaining.
Let's just say everyone is different, and  things affect us differently. No
one has the perfect answer -- at least I know I don't! Let's share our
opinions without getting offended everytime anyone disagrees with us. And,
just to be clear -- this IS NOT intended for anyone inparticular -- it is a
generalization. :-)

> ------------------------------
> Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 11:56:29 EDT
> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: Re: [IP] Type  1and overweight - big time
> gee, if it were only that easy -  but I don't think so.
> Insulin is used by athletes to build muscle mass and weight gain.  Why
> you or anyone else think that it can be the same for those who use it
> for diabetes.  Throw in a thyroid condition, that affects just about all
> things in your body.  Wow, there you go massive weight gain.
> I'm not depressed.
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