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[IP] Re: Minimed - call from a "higher-up"

 I just got a followup call to my complaint to the MM supervisor yesterday. This
time it was Alphonso from the special customer relations team that's been set up
specifically to deal with this water tight issue (according to him). He said
that he would send me a free sports guard, no problem. The reason they didn't
send them to everyone automatically with the letter is because he said that
based on his conversations with a lot of customers, not everyone wants one since
they're big, cumbersome and unattractive (very true). He says MM is still
evaluating how to deal with this problem and how to satisfy their customers. He
said upper management is aware of all the concerns and that's why they set up
his team. I asked about plans to make a truly watertight pump, and he said he
honestly didn't know if that would be possible, and that he didn't know what
competiting companies currently had technology-wise. He said that this issue was
a huge blow to MM and that they're "still reelin!
 g from
  it" and working on how to address it and how to satisfy those to whom the
water issue is a major concern. He said that he didn't know if a free upgrade
would be given to current users if they do ever make a watertight model, but
that off the record he hoped so. He did confirm that they will still make good
on the 4 year warranty even for people who intentionally continue to swim with
the pump. He said the purpose of the letter was to alert people to the problem
and to recommend not to wear it in the water, but that doing so wouldn't
invalidate the warranty.
Pam dx'd 1989, pumping 10 yrs.

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