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[IP] RE: More about IPX8...

Well, not really.  If you meet the IPX8 standards, which gives LIMITS to being 
waterproof, then you can only claim to be watertight.  Watertight is the term 
that applies to meeting IPX8 standards.  Water resistant is the term that 
applies to meeting IPX7 standards.

In both cases, they can say they are waterproof under certain conditions.  In 
other words, to just say "waterproof" isn't technically nor legally correct.  
Waterproof at 12 ft for 24 hours, however is okay.  Waterproof, without the 
 clarification, would mean indefinitely and at any depth. If Animas claims they
are waterPROOF, they are wrong.  However, just they CAN say "waterproof for up 
to 24 hrs at 12 ft".  This is simply another way of stating "IPX8".  

Now, MM also met IPX8 standards, and advertised as so.  This means that the 
 Paradigm was ALSO waterPROOF for up to 24 hrs at 12 ft (or, in their case, they
claimed 24 hrs at 8 ft).  But, neither company can claim "waterPROOF" without 
the qualification.  Instead, they can only use the term "watertight".  :-)

Animas' pump is watertight, which means they meet the IPX8 standard, which 
means they are waterproof for up to 24 hrs at 12 ft.

MM can (or rather, COULD) make the same claim.  

Just for completeness, can someone state what the IPX rating is on the Cozmo, 
Amigo, and other such pumps?  Just curious.  :-)

> That's why Animas can claim their pump to be waterPROOF. In their user guide
>which is available online, under technical specifications, it states that it
>meets IPX8 standards. Liz
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