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RE: [IP] More about IPX8...

 --- On Wed 09/10, < email @ redacted > wrote:

 From: [mailto: email @ redacted]To: email @ redacted: Wed, 10
Sep 2003 16:13:35 +0000Subject: [IP] More about IPX8...I just did a bit more
looking up. It appears that the international standard of IPX8 actually means
that it is waterproof to a depth of 12 ft for up to 24 hours, though some
variations go as little as 8 ft for 30 minutes. Regardless,MM has to legally
support this advertising claim at least at ONE of these standards. :-)Ryan
 That's why Animas can claim their pump to be waterPROOF. In their user guide
which is available online, under technical specifications, it states that it
meets IPX8 standards. Liz

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