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[IP] RE: MM and no refund

I think that MM is trying desparately not to lose their shirt on this one.  :-
)  The cost of having to refund or replace all of those pumps could cause a 
serious blow.  I think their first line of defense is telling customer service 
to tell people they won't refund or even necessarily give them a sport case!

For many people, that will likely be enough.  It isn't, however, acceptable.  
For those who truly purchased based on their advertising of water-tightness 
(IPX7 initially, then IPX8), they CANNOT go back and now say they never 
guaranteed water-tightness.  

The person on the phone who said that they would never call it watertight is 
probably thinking that watertight = waterproof, and was confusing the terms.  
NO pump is waterproof, and so if they were using the term waterproof, they 
would be right.  But to say that no pump maker claims to be watertight, 
including the Paradigm, that is just plain false!!!

In fact, their own website still lists the pump as IPX7, which means it 
is "waterproof" for a depth up to 3 ft for 30 minutes.  That is the legal 
definition of IPX-7.  So, even NOW, they are stating that it is okay to 
submerge the pump for up to 30 minutes at 3 ft.  So, what the customer service 
person on the phone said was a flat out LIE!!!! (Or, to give them the benefit 
of the doubt, horribly mis-informed.)

 I suggest people call them and inform them of this, and the fact that they WERE
advertising this pump as IPX-8, which, legally, means it is approved for up to 
30 minutes submerged at a depth of 8 ft.  If they say that they never claimed 
that, you can point to the fact that they advertised it as IPX-8, and STILL 
advertise it as IPX7, meaning it CAN be submerged according to their 
advertising, etc.

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