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Re:[IP] Dear Abby

 >>It is a function of not having a precise
 >>physiological delivery of exactly the right amount of insulin exactly 
when its
 >> needed.

NO WAY!!!.... Really ???? you sure bout that ???
Darn, id always thought, it was .................. i'll have to rethink it.

 >>Don't blame the disease, blame inadequate treatment.

OK... great idea... Its NOT cause im diabetic, its BECAUSE, im a diabetic, 
who is taking
(or, maybe took), a little to much, of some "Inadequate treatment"....

think about it, and tell me the real difference, to the "person on the 
street" ??

 >>I personally believe
 >>that the discovery of insulin was a mixed blessing.  Although it 
provides life
 >>support, it has also shifted the focus to treating diabetes rather than 
 >>the disease.

So, are YOU sure, that , if  the "Inadequate  treatment", that we (I) live 
did not exist, Youd be alive ???...........

Maybe you want to rethink it ??

 >>but we should not be fooled into thinking that treatment is as good as a 
cure.  It isn't.
 >>The best way to treat diabetes is to cure it.
a unique  revelation,  this isnt

the best way to treat cancer, heart disease, MS.... etc.... etc.... etc and 
even aliments as mundane as arthritis,
is to CURE them, and i personally doubt, that the discovery of insulin, has 
delayed the cure of diabetes.....

Just in case I Was before,  I hope I "Wont Get Fooled Again"

Your Thoughts May Differ, (but, in this cause, i hope not too much)

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