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Re: [IP] Looking at Choices - 508 vs. 512

Call all the companies and ask to have the local rep contact you. Ask
that person to come and meet with you for a demo.  Have them show you
the pump, maybe do a home trial if you are interested in doing that, and
see what features they really do have that YOU want and need.  Find out
which brands are covered by your insurance.  See what they all offer
before you make a choice.  Don't pick without seeing everything first.

Even though you can refill a 511/512 reservoir, personally I find it a
PITA and just another step to have to do.  I am personally sorry that I
did the upgrade from the 508, especially now that you can't wear the 511
in the water, which was one of the reasons I decided to go ahead and get
the 511.

Judi in MI
email @ redacted
> What I
> am looking for is - what caused anyone out there to >choose > > one over
> the other, whether anyone regrets the choice they did make or if >they >
> > are satisfied...the benefits & drawbacks, from a pumper's perspective.
> I >do > > know I am not crazy about the idea of having to change
> cartridges > > (reservoirs?) twice as often...I like having the whole
> week's supply of > > insulin on board. 
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