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[IP] Type 1and overweight - big time

Okay explain this.  

I weighed about 120 at age 17.  5feet 3", .  I was in good health, very 
active, I wore size 7.  Not bad at all.  

but of course, to friends, family and media, I was fat, so I decided to diet, 
I took diet pills.  Okay the weight came off, I was so excited.  In one month 
I was 100lbs, I was in a size 3-4.  Very bad of course, because then I got 
 sick, very sick, I was always thirsty, very tired, bad attitude all the time,
friends and family the same people that told me I was fat, was then scared 
and concerned. Of course I ended up in the hospital.  

Then told hey guess what you are diabetic.  This was in 1987.  I had just 
graduated high school and looking forward to bright things.

Well, anyway the weight came back, and back and back and back. I had no idea 
at the time what diabetes was or how to manage it, I did the best I could. It 
was frustrating.  I just got bigger and bigger.  I did marry in 1989.  And my 
lifestyle changed, I was not active anymore, did not have to be, I had to work 
I was no longer living off the parents.  Getting married young probably was 
not a good thing, I was still learning a lot on how to manage diabetes.  And I 
just continue to go down hill, sick all the time, well in 1991, I was finally 
told hey guess what your thyroid is hyper, so there you go. Now I have to take 
synthroid everyday.  Well, now I have gained so much weight 50lbs.  So I 
 continued to gain and gain. Now I am 199, at the age of 33 and I have had 3
and tried every diet and exercise program, and cannot drop the pounds.  

My doctors say, diabetes and thyroid mixed in together makes loosing weight 

So do you believe this or not. Is it the diabetes, the thyroid or just poor 
eating habits, lifestyle change.  
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