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[IP] Re: Type 2 and obesity

>>From: email @ redacted
I have stayed out of this for the most part. Yes, to Cindy 
and all, facts are 
important, but so are opinions. If you ONLY look at facts 
and accept them at 
face value, then why would anyone try to learn any more?<<

By all means they should keep studying and learning.  I 
just don't want information posted here to be construed. 
 If someone is posting a belief, they should state it as 
>>Does the wearing of seatbelts or motorcycle helmets prevent serious injury, 
or death? Hmmmm, I do believe both are a YMMV, depending 
on each and every 
individual factor of each and every individual incident.
Do all the facts and indicators as studied by 
weatherforecasters meant that 
 when all indications point to snow, mean it will snow? 
Sorry. Nope. I have seen
it snowing acorss the street, and not on my side (Yippee, 
no snow to shovel 

I don't get your point.  I've have already said that not 
all Type 2 diabetics are overweight.  My dad happens to be 
one of them.  The issue was whether Type 2 causes obesity 
or obesity causes Type 2.  

>>from those like you, who insist that if
we do "the right thing", we can lose weight and be 

This is a problem.  I keep reading things I supposedly 
said but didn't.  I don't do that to anyone else, and 
would appreciate the same consideration.  Geeez!  What 
I've said is many (NOT ALL) Type 2's can lose weight, 
change eating habits, exercise and either reduce or 
eliminate the need for insulin/oral meds.  This isn't a 
theory...this is a proven medical fact.  Also, people like 
my mom who had impaired glucose intolerance can do the 
same things and prevent getting diabetes.

"Why is it that 
you fight this so fiercely? Are you afraid that you may 
gain weight and "be a 

All I did was ask Ryan to back up his post about the CDC 
article and their surprise about the small increase in 
Type 2 diabetes.  He went on to say based on that study 
that obesity can't be the cause of Type 2 diabetes.  I 
just wanted to clarify that the CDC wasn't of the same 
opinion.  That's when the defensiveness began...a couple 
people on this list didn't like it I guess that I wanted 
people to be aware that that was Ryan's opinion and not 

>>What matters, is that I am taking care of myself, and my health the best I 
can, with what I have. I can do no more, and no less.<<

Exactly.  Everyone should know the risk factors and then 
make their own decisions on how they choose to live their 
lives.  It's a personal choice....and no-one should feel 
guilty or be judged about their decision.

I'm sure everyone is as tired as I am reading this thread. 
 I hope I've made it clear to MOST of you why I got 
involved in the first place....and I hope you can sort out 
what I've actually said from what others have accused me 
of saying.

Good health to all! 

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