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[IP] Re: Type 2 and obesity

This is going to be the last I am going to post on this matter, because the 
discussion has veered drasitically from my original intent:

 I did NOT originally post the information regarding Type 2 and obesity in order
to say it is true, nor to say that the current view is wrong.  Rather, I was 
posting information to INFORM people that there is growing evidence that 
obesity does not cause Type 2 diabetes.  I made commentary on this point to 
provide more details.  

Somehow the discussion has turned into attempting to prove one position versus 
the other which was NOT the intent EVER.  Frankly, I have no care which side 
 turns out to be correct...but I wanted to bring to light this position as it is
growing acceptance. But, the fact of the matter is, there is NOT proof one way 
or the other at this point, which is the point!  While the stance that obesity 
causes Type 2 has been widely accepted, it is by no means proven nor accepted 
by all.  The stance that Type 2 and obesity are co-symptoms from a genetic 
situation is growing in acceptance, but it is by no means proven nor accepted 
by all.  The stance that Type 2 CAUSES obesity has been accepted by some, but 
it is by no means proven nor accepted.  

In the end, we might find that there are elements of each view that are 
correct.  We might find that one or none of the current views are correct.  We 
 might find that the obesity causing Type 2 is correct. Regardless, my goal was
to inform people that there are alternative views, and the story is still out.

 I'm not going to continue to sit here and try to defend a position that I don't
think has been proven yet, nor am I going to ignore such a position because 
someone else has another view.  At the same time, I am perfectly willing to 
accept the view that obesity causes Type 2...but there is not yet proof for 
that as well.

 Finally, I grow tired of the mantra that goes, "If you can't show me a quote, I
won't believe it", or "without references, it is worthless to discuss".  Such 
 statements (in a miriad of different wordings) don't propel science, but hinder
it.  Scientific discovery would be NOWHERE if people didn't challenge 
the "widely accepted" beliefs with new ways of thinking.

Thanks for listening.  You may go about your business.  (And, as I said, I'm 
going to stop discussing this issue because it has deteriorated far beyond my 
intent of bringing it up.)

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