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[IP] Re: Type 2 caused by obesity

>>From: "Elizabeth Ramsey" 
 Cindy, I TOLD you where I was getting my 
information...you aren't reading my
post. And apparently you also haven't read her book even 
tho you have type II in
your family. Liz<<

No, you didn't.  All you said was most Type 2 diabetics 
end up on insulin.  You posted your source as being a book 
on diabetes.  Would you look up the pages you're referring 
to and post the actual statistics along with the author's 
source?  I gave you the CDC's statistic...which is only 
40% of Type 2 diabetics use insulin.  Many Type 2 
diabetics either stay on just oral meds, reduce their oral 
meds, or quit taking them altogether with lifestyle 

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