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[IP] Re: references

>>From: email @ redacted
I'm not just sitting around making this stuff up, people. 
:-) Cindy seems to 
be making it sound as if I am. I have no reason to do so. 
I'm Type 1, after 
all, and am on the "skinny" side. Ryan<<


I don't want someone else's interpretation of a study, 
article...I want the source so I can read it for myself. 
 You tried to tie in the CDC news article with your own 
belief that obseity can't be the cause of Type 2 diabetes. 
 But you made it sound like the CDC had come to that 
conclusion...at least that's what I got from your post. 
 (See, that's exactly why it's important to list the 
actual source).

Here's the full article and if you read all of it then you 
would have read where they state that "obesity can lead to 
Type 2 diabetes," not that Type 2 diabetes leads to 
obesity.   They also explain what they expect the reason 
to be why there hadn't been more of an increase and that 
they expect that to change.  I'm satisfied now that the 
article you were quoting from didn't support any of the 
claims that "obesity can't be causing Type 2 diabetes," 
which is what I suspected.

"THE CENTERS FOR Disease Control and Prevention study 
found that diabetes rates crept up from an estimated 8.2 
percent of adults in 1988-94 to 8.6 percent in 1999-2000. 
That is an increase of less than 5 percent.
       The CDC expected a larger increase because obesity 
? which can lead to diabetes ? has been rising quickly, 
climbing 61 percent during the 1990s. As of 2000, 19.8 
percent of U.S. adults were obese, according to the CDC.
       But health officials warned that because diabetes 
is a slow-developing disease, diabetes rates could climb 
sharply over the next few years.
       Also, lifestyle changes, including dieting and more 
exercise, may explain why some high-risk adults have not 
developed diabetes, the CDC said."
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