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Re: [IP] Re: [] Looking at Choices - 508 vs. 512

According to the MM rep, the CGMS that will attach to the skin like an
insertion set (and he showed it to me, pretty small) will communicate
directly to the pump (through an RF signal, like the meter is currently
doing). According to him, they are looking at April or May 2004. According
to another rep, it will be sometime after Feb. 2004, based on FDA approval.
That was a big plus for me in deciding to go with MM.


> The larger capacity paradigm is at least a year and a half off from
> now(18mos) I was told, but then never can tell what the fda will do.  Plus
> with the ability to receive the sugar results from the monitor opens up
> doorway to having your 512 act like a pump with continuous glucose sensor.
> Nothing official mind you, but the hint was dropped that they are working
> a sensor that would talk directly to the pump. When will that happen?
> know, will it happen? Don't know.
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