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RE: [IP] Dialysis Center

You guys/gals have offered some great ideas about the dialysis center.
The dialysis center that my mother uses is in Livingston NJ. My mother
is blind and has orthopedic problems with one leg that make getting
around very difficult. So carrying a blanket and pillows is not an
option for her. She depends on the transportation that is available
through the township she lives in that also restricts she choice of time
and available center to go to. She does not qualify for other assistance
in medical transportation. In NJ they have access link for help around
with public transportation but she can no longer use that because she is
unable to lift herself on the steps for the small bus. To use private
medical transportation would cost over $300 a week. She has friends and
myself that help on Saturday's dialysis drop off and pick up.

I think that her biggest problem is that a year ago this was a great
place to go and now that they have been contracted out they are pinching
every dime and penny. With meals the doctors are trying to make a fuss
and demand the orders but they are being overridden at this point.
Hopefully enough people with make complaints with the hospital, state
agencies and directly with the company that change will occur. There are
several of these companies that do dialysis in the northern NJ area. 

My mother went on dialysis about 2 1/2 years ago and spent the first two
years getting dialysis between 6 and 10 pm. It required my husband,
myself and some of her friend to provide all transportation. She is so
weak and tired after dialysis that she has to sleep for 3-4 hours so it
does lose a whole day for her 3 days a week. With the town
transportation and the 1/2 hour ride to the center it makes dialysis
days start at 8:30am and home by 3:30-4pm and then sleep til at least

Thanks again
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