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RE: [IP] Pancreas test

True, but not true. Insulin producing islet cells only make up about 2%
the mass of the pancreas, and other than insulin, glucagon, Pancreatic
Amylase, Pepsin and other digestion 'juices' are parked into the small
intestine from the pancreas. We still have a lot of things going on in
'Ductless gland'.

Believe me after losing 97% of my pancreas...basically leaving the head
in place this winter. I can say that at least for me most of digestion
juices are produced in the head. I can tell I no longer make any
glucagon...if I go low there is no way back up without 2-3 shots of
glucagon. Only problems with food come from high fat foods...basically
fried...which I can live without or pay for if I feel that I can't. :)
And some fresh vegetables, cooked not a problem but don't give me a
salad with lettuce, cucumbers, onions, and green peppers. Now that it
has been more then six months the endo and I can have a conversation
about supplementing so salads can go back on the list of can eats.

Who knew when they said this winter we need to take the pancreas and I
so quickly said it's not like it's worked for the last 15 years how hard
it actually was still working.
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