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2 weeks ago I've gone through the same question. Here was what I came up
with.  The reservoir can be refilled on the 512, not as handy as the 508,
but you always have a fresh supply.  I use about 80 to 90 units a day, so
that was my major draw back. BUT then the bolus wizard is SO nifty, it will
and has helped my sugar control.  And so worth the extra changing.  (Online
there is a comparison of the 512 and the 508)

The larger capacity paradigm is at least a year and a half off from
now(18mos) I was told, but then never can tell what the fda will do.  Plus
with the ability to receive the sugar results from the monitor opens up the
doorway to having your 512 act like a pump with continuous glucose sensor.
Nothing official mind you, but the hint was dropped that they are working on
a sensor that would talk directly to the pump. When will that happen? Don't
know, will it happen? Don't know.

With my 507C they  advertised ability to download the pump but never did
come up with the software.  At least they never told me about it.  In a
couple of weeks the Solutions software is going to be available to download
the pump onto your computer. And you can download any meter you have and
have comprehensive reports. Your pump will already have your insulin and
carb info.

I've had my 512 for 6 days now, and I think that it has a lot of potential.
A lot more than my  507C, and I think a lot more than the 508. Anyhow,
that's what I think.

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Hey There!

I haven't been on here in ages (hectic life, got away from the "online time
available), I've just lurked off & on over the past few years.  I have a
pressing question now, & I'd welcome feedback/observations/other people's
experience here.  I am a Disetronic H-tron plus user (four years, August
23rd), & when I got "the letter" from Disetronic, I asked my endo about it &
was advised to look at switching over to MiniMed.  Part of the dilemma is
fact that I like my pump, have had no problems, & have been very happy.  If
seems wise to switch, however - I trust my doctor & he's never steered me
wrong (whether I was in "good patient" or "bad patient" mode, he's been very
good for me), so I am looking into doing so.  Contacted MiniMed - they got
insurance approval, & the rep I've been speaking with was literally ready to
ship today...without actually discussing with me what I WANT in a pump, what
model (or sets, or supplies) I might need or prefer - no input from my end.
said "Okay, let's slow down a little" - I had thought he would be sending
literature out that would allow me to compare the 508 with the Paradigm &
I could ask questions to be able to make an informed choice.  Well, the
MiniMed information packet is now on its way, so I should be seeing that in
few days.  What I am looking for is - what caused anyone out there to choose
one over the other, whether anyone regrets the choice they did make or if
are satisfied...the benefits & drawbacks, from a pumper's perspective.  I do
know I am not crazy about the idea of having to change cartridges
(reservoirs?) twice as often...I like having the whole week's supply of
insulin on board.  From what I was told by one girl I spoke with there, the
"new Paradigm" that will be coming will have the larger reservoir, so she
tossed around the idea of waiting for that, if this isn't an immediate need.

Any thoughts?  Your take is very welcome, in this.

Many Thanks,
Pumper & exhausted teacher (yes, it WILL get easier as the little urchins
learn their way around the great big world of elementary school!)
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