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[IP] Re: NOT- Type 2 NOT caused by obesity..- NOT EVEN RELATED

-but, since that seems to be the only subject, id thought id keep it..
"NOW, for something totally different"....

on our local news, a woman went to a concert, in an outdoor venue.... she 
was told, she had to leave
her diabetic supplies, in the health room (i had to do that to, with 
syringes, but, they did let me
take the candy in, after they did a fbi, inspection of it)..
(taking my pump stuff in, this summer, was no problem)
Their policy is "no illegal substances"... hmmmm, a "syringe, used by a 
diabetic", is an "illegal substance"... there askin' for  trouble 
now......., and they got it........
she raised heck, and sued them.... SHE WON....
(and, im sure, will be sort of a land mark case)...
she, and any diabetic, are NOW allowed to take all supplies, including 
syringes, into a "public venue"
this may not be about obesity, and type II, but, i think its a step, in the 
right direction, for all....

Now, lets get back to the T II and O  show
(hey really, hasnt this been beaten to death already ??)
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