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Re: [IP] Looking at Choices - 508 vs. 512

>From: "Matt Braun" >Reply-To: email @ redacted >To: >CC: >Subject:
Re: [IP] Looking at Choices - 508 vs. 512 >Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003 21:28:31
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contributions. >Your donation of $10, $25, or more... just $1 or $2 per
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will eliminate this header from your IP mail > >Sammy -- > >Before you
take the plunge with a MiniMed Paradigm or 508, you might want to >check
out some of the other brands of pumps. Both the Deltec Cozmo and the
>Animas are full featured pumps with 300ml reservoirs, amongst other
things >like being waterproof. (MiniMed just revoked the "watertight"
status on the >Paradigm, in case you haven't read the recent posts on the
topic.) > >I used an HTron+ for about four years, and switched to a
Deltec Cozmo just >over 3 months ago. I haven't regretted my decision at
all -- great pump, >great features, great support and customer service
every step of the way. > >Of course, there is no single pump that will be
perfect for everyone. I am >not speaking against either of the MiniMed
pumps, just encouraging you to >check out all of the viable alternatives
before you narrow your decision to >a single brand. > > >Matt > > >-----
Original Message ----- >From: "Vixen" > > > Hey There! > > I haven't been
on here in ages (hectic life, got away from the "online >time > >
available), I've just lurked off & on over the past few years. I have a >
> pressing question now, & I'd welcome feedback/observations/other
people's > > experience here. I am a Disetronic H-tron plus user (four
years, August > > 23rd), & when I got "the letter" from Disetronic, I
asked my endo about it >& > > was advised to look at switching over to
MiniMed. Part of the dilemma is >the > > fact that I like my pump, have
had no problems, & have been very happy. >If it > > seems wise to switch,
however - I trust my doctor & he's never steered me > > wrong (whether I
was in "good patient" or "bad patient" mode, he's been >very > > good for
me), so I am looking into doing so. Contacted MiniMed - they got >the > >
insurance approval, & the rep I've been speaking with was literally ready
>to > > ship today...without actually discussing with me what I WANT in a
pump, >what > > model (or sets, or supplies) I might need or prefer - no
input from my >end. I > > said "Okay, let's slow down a little" - I had
thought he would be sending > > literature out that would allow me to
compare the 508 with the Paradigm & >then > > I could ask questions to be
able to make an informed choice. Well, the > > MiniMed information packet
is now on its way, so I should be seeing that >in a > > few days. What I
am looking for is - what caused anyone out there to >choose > > one over
the other, whether anyone regrets the choice they did make or if >they >
> are satisfied...the benefits & drawbacks, from a pumper's perspective.
I >do > > know I am not crazy about the idea of having to change
cartridges > > (reservoirs?) twice as often...I like having the whole
week's supply of > > insulin on board. From what I was told by one girl I
spoke with there, >the > > "new Paradigm" that will be coming will have
the larger reservoir, so she > > tossed around the idea of waiting for
that, if this isn't an immediate >need. > > > > Any thoughts? Your take
is very welcome, in this. > > > > Many Thanks, > > Sammi > > Pumper &
exhausted teacher (yes, it WILL get easier as the little urchins > >
learn their way around the great big world of elementary school!)
>---------------------------------------------------------- >for HELP or
to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: >HELP@insulin-pumpers.org I am on the
mini-med 508 and been on it for over a year.  have had no problems as
others say they have.  You can put 300 units  in it. I like it and am
pleased with it .  I looked at them all too and I chose this one and sure
do like it.


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