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[IP] Pancreas test

MS Tasha wrote:
The question is.  How in the world do you know for sure your pancreas is
producing insulin?  Is there a test for it.  It's quite obvious when its not
working at all, but how does one determine, it's working partially?
Sharon answered:
There is a blood test to determine the amount of insulin production. Sorry, I
don't recall the name of the test. I had the test taken twice, firstly after
ten years of being a diabetic which was approx. 33 % and 4.5 years ago when I
got my first pump which was about 7%. Some type ones have the sudden onset of
the decrease production while I had the longer production. I was curious what
happens to the pancreas in the body when it stops producing insulin asking a
doctor who said "the pancreas just stays there and doesn't do anything" - that
satisfied my curiosity after thinking it was going to rot or something! Geez
what I worried about until I asked! Sharon B
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