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Re:[IP] Dear Abby

I have to agree with George, having been there many times myself in the
20-30 range.  I'm normally a very gentle, easy to get along with guy.  If I 
don't like what you're trying to force feed me, I will resist.

It wasn't until we discovered that I will eat jelly beans (specifically
Jelly Belly) for just about any reason, that the problem went away.
Of course, I haven't had any of those refusing the treat a low episodes
 since the pump too.

The mind operates on a completely different level when low.  Rational
doesn't come into the picture.


--- George Davis <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Don said:
> Sorry, I'm a long way from beliving  that we act the way we do, because we
> are
> diabetic!!!
> Sorry to disagree with you Don, but, having been type 1 for 40 years, my poor
> wife can tell you of many, many times when I was "combatant", refusing to
> take
> sugar when I was in the 20 or 30 range.  I resist with force, and when I
> finally am revived, I don't even remember being combatant.  I wish it were
> not
> so, but it has happened too many times.  I normally am a pretty nice guy ;-)
> George Davis
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