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Re:[IP] Dear Abby

i KNOW i have had a number of DIS... (Diabetic Ignorance Syndrome) s,
which i sometimes get, around my wife, or a  DAE (Diabetic A..H. Episode),
which i sometimes have around anyone, when my bs is low.
Now, whether i am this way, most of the time, is left to conjecture,
but, i can tell you, that I sure feel different, when im low, and have done 
and said some things,
i would not do, nor say, when in a more "sane" state (again, left to 

high, (BS  that is)......., i know im sort of upset, but, i think i keep 
that to myself....

if they want to put some strange label, on me,  so be it... but, at least 
for me,
low bs, definitely causes some "Strange Ch Ch Changes"

i must say, im glad to see, that the person chosen to lead ADA, has such 
i personally would like to see someone with personal experience...
i dont know this guy, but, so far, IMO, he seems clue-less.
(im sure he highly touted, and has a wall full of fancy awards)

(You may totally disagree)
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