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[IP] Re: obesity and Type 2, CDC

 --- On Tue 09/09, Kress Family < email @ redacted > wrote:

 From: Kress Family [mailto: email @ redacted]To: email @ redacted:
Tue, 9 Sep 2003 18:13:40 -0500Subject: [IP] Re: obesity and Type 2, CDC
 If you are referring to me, yes, I do have an agenda. That is to ask people to
back what they say with sources/facts; especially when they are attempting to
quote something from a website, book, magazine, etc. I don't want their
interpretation, I want to read their source for myself. Many times info is taken
and then gets tweaked or twisted to suit a personal viewpoint/agenda.
 Some things they don't know, but they do know (and state it quite often on that
site as well as any other reputable site) that obesity is a risk factor in
DEVELOPING Type 2 diabetes. It also states that Type 2 can be delayed or
prevented by keeping off excess weight and staying active. This is a known fact.
I've seen it happen in my own family and with other people I know. So the weight
HAD to be the reason these people had Type 2.And they do know that excess weight
is a risk factor and that losing weight will improve or do away with Type 2
diabetes in a lot of people.Absolutely true. It also does no good to ignore
important facts. No one should feel guilty or blame themselves for having
diabetes. The best thing to do is get all the facts and then try to deal with it
as best you can. It's a personal choice as to whether you go the lose weight,
exercise, diet change route or choose to take insulin and not change your
lifestyle. And no one has the right to judge anyone's choic!
 es. But there are different choices that work.Cindy
 Cindy, As you say, it is a RISK factor but what you are implying by what you
are writing is that ALL we have to do is lose weight. Well, some of us just
can't...it is NOT that simple. Even eating fewer than 1000 calories a day, it is
impossible and do NOT tell me it is. I've personally done it and still failed
that diet.
 You are writing as if it's an absolute and by doing that trying to lay a guilt
trip on those of us who just can NOT succeed at losing weight no matter how hard
we try. Well, how would you feel if we turned the tables and came down your
 When I married my husband it was right after his oldest was diagnosed with type
I. His youngest had been sick and then his oldest. Three weeks later, she ended
up in the hospital in DKA. Pam, the youngest, took it upon herself to blame
herself for Kim's diabetes. I didn't know that for about 2 1/2 years but when I
found out I had to find a way to absolve her of the blame. I had just read an
article in Reader's Digest, fortunately, that gave a layperson's explanation of
why someone might develope type I diabetes. I showed the article to Pam and
explained that the disease had been in Kim all along. What had happened was that
the illness had just triggered the diabetes right then. Pam was satisfied and
went on. How right I was, I really didn't care. I had taken the guilt from a 12
year old that she had carried for over 2 years.
 I have spent MOST of my life being told that it was ALL my fault that I was
FAT. Well, you know something...it isn't. I happen to have a gene that makes me
that way and you are NOT going to make me or anyone else feel guilty because we
have type II diabetes. One day YOU may be in our shoes and some person may be in
YOUR face saying the same thing.
 Studies are just that. There were studies that said butter was bad for you so
they told you to eat margarine. Well, guess what...now they tell us that
margarine is bad. There were studies that said fat was bad for you, now it's *oh
we're sorry...but you can have fat but make sure it's the good kind*. There've
been studies that said eggs were bad for you, now they aren't. I'm sorry, I've
gotten DIZZY with the studies the scientists have done and contradicted
themselves on. I've decided that I'm gonna eat what *I* feel is good for me and
let the scientist make THEMSELVES dizzy!
 Statistics are a slippery *animal* or didn't you know that? You can make them
say ANYTHING you want them to if you wiggle them the right way.
As far *getting all the facts*...well, no one has those. Liz

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