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[IP] Re: obesity and Type 2, CDC

>>From: <email @ redacted>
I understand that you have an agenda -- found that out a few months ago<<

If you are referring to me, yes, I do have an agenda.  That is to ask 
people to back what they say with sources/facts; especially when they 
are attempting to quote something from a website, book, magazine, 
etc.  I don't want their interpretation, I want to read their source 
for myself.  Many times info is taken and then gets tweaked or 
twisted to suit a personal viewpoint/agenda.

>>If you spend some time on the CDC Diabetes website, you'll notice
quickly that they admit to not knowing the causes of Diabetes (Type 1
or Type 2).  Heck they don't even know why some women get gestional
diabetes and some don't.  One of the reasons they call it "practicing"
medicine, is that most of the time, they just don't know.<<

Some things they don't know, but they do know (and state it quite 
often on that site as well as any other reputable site) that obesity 
is a risk factor in DEVELOPING Type 2 diabetes.  It also states that 
Type 2 can be delayed or prevented by keeping off excess weight and 
staying active.  This is a known fact.  I've seen it happen in my own 
family and with other people I know.  So the weight HAD to be the 
reason these people had Type 2.

  >>From the diabetes education I attended, there is a bunch unknown about
Type 2 diabetes alone.  They do know that some people are insulin
resistant, they do know that some people's livers produce too much
glucose, and they know that some Type 2 diabetes produce little or no
insulin.  (I think you'll find that on the CDC).<<

And they do know that excess weight is a risk factor and that losing 
weight will improve or do away with Type 2 diabetes in a lot of 

>>That's why there are so many different types of anti-diabetic drugs.
They throw the different drugs at you until your blood sugar becomes
more normal and then declare you cured as long as you take the pills.

Taking pills is no more a cure than is insulin.  I don't think that 
was ever an issue or debated.  There is, however, a chance to reduce 
the meds or prevent having to take insulin by losing weight, 
exercising, and changing diet.

>>I have a feeling we're going to find that there a bunch of different
genes that cause different diabetic problems<<

Possibly.  But until then, we should stick to what we DO KNOW.

>>and it really does no good at all to blame any one for having
diabetes.  Or for producing children that have diabetes.<<

Absolutely true.  It also does no good to ignore important facts.  No 
one should feel guilty or blame themselves for having diabetes.  The 
best thing to do is get all the facts and then try to deal with it as 
best you can.  It's a personal choice as to whether you go the lose 
weight, exercise, diet change route or choose to take insulin and not 
change your lifestyle.  And no one has the right to judge anyone's 
choices.  But there are different choices that work.

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