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RE: [IP] RECALL the Paradigm

Ok folks, for all those how are happy with pumps that crack and leak, how is it
then that we can buy off the self radio/cd players designed for use in the
shower and no one seems to get cracks in these units and they seem to not fail
for the exposure to moisture.  What do those manufacturers know that the pump
folks don't?

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What are we going to do recall pumps from every pump company out there?
First Disetronics now Minimed. What happens when the same thing happens
to another pump company. I personally love my Paradigm 512. I would like
to know that it is waterproof and I'm sure Minimed will do everything
possible to fix the problem but I not going to send it back or buy a
different pump.
Who to say that the Cosmos pump won't have a problem soon. Just my


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Subject: [IP] RECALL the Paradigm

I am a long time MM user and supporter. But I am really frustrated with
the water issue with the Paradigm. If MM is not going to be proactive in
dealing with this, then us as customers need to be. We should all, as
Paradigm users, call Minimed and demand that they recall the pump and
fix the problem. I don't care if you love MM or not, call them and
demand this. If they do not listen, then contact your state Attorney
General and the FDA and demand that they look into this. Let them know
that you will to this. The only way that MM will listen is to contact
and put the pressure on. If MM refuses to deal with the issue then maybe
we should all let them know, as well, that there are other pump makers
out there.  I will continue to support MM but that doesn't mean that
they shouldn't do the right thing.


Donny Vernon

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