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Re: [IP] Re: Type 2 NOT caused by obesity...

In a message dated 9/9/2003 9:21:32 AM Alaskan Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes: 
> You seem to keep fighting this idea based on the "facts".  The "facts" are, 
> there is no proof that obesity causes Type 2 at all.  There is only 
> stastical 
> correlation, which is no proof at all.  This recent news from the CDC 
> actually 
> flies it the face of the theory that obesity CAUSES Type 2.  :-)
> It still may be found that for those who have the genetic predisposition to 
> being overweight and developing Type 2 that being overweight only brings 
> about 
> the resulting insulin resistance and eventual burn out faster.  But, it 
> isn't 
> beneficial to see that as the cause.

I have stayed out of this for the most part. Yes, to Cindy and all, facts are 
important, but so are opinions. If you ONLY look at facts and accept them at 
face value, then why would anyone try to learn any more? I mean, we have the 
facts, why spend energy looking at possibilities?
Here are some equally controversial issues, where, it is indeed a YMMV thing. 
Does the wearing of seatbelts or motorcycle helmets prevent serious injury, 
or death?  Hmmmm, I do believe both are a YMMV, depending on each and every 
individual factor of each and every individual incident.
Do all the facts and indicators as studied by weatherforecasters meant that 
 when all indications point to snow, mean it will snow? Sorry. Nope. I have seen
it snowing acorss the street, and not on my side (Yippee, no snow to shovel 
I am afraid Cindy, that you are an absolute type of person. Unfortunately, 
 life is not like that. There are indeed a lot of facts to be had. But, (peeking
around) did they bother to tell our bodies that? Nope.
I am Type 2. I was always the tallest in my class, until a few of those late 
blooming boys finally grew taller than I. I had always had the tendency to 
 gain weight just because to sun rose this morning. I also, enjoyed many hours
bike riding, riding horses, hiking, cutting grass and shoveling garden dirt 
(parent' s gave no choice for that one!) I have competed in gymnastics, and 
 figure skating, and know calories, fat grams and carbs really well. I grew up
salads, and a garden full of veggies and apples for dessert. McDonalds was 35 
miles away, and ice cream was a rare treat if we could locate the ice cream 
truck. Soda we had about once a week. There were no such things as all you can 
eat buffets, even if we could afford it. 
But, did it make a difference in my body? No, it didn't. Yet, I grew up and 
 have dealt with the stigma all my life, from those like you, who insist that if
we do "the right thing", we can lose weight and be healthy. 
The facts, yes, for some, it works, for others, it doesn't. Why is it that 
you fight this so fiercely? Are you afraid that you may gain weight and "be a 
I only hope, for your sake, cause I am totally happy with me, that you can 
 let go of this defensiveness you have and join us all in being happy with who
are, regardless of what color, shape, size, Type of diabetes, or how we got 
I am me, I live with diabetes. To me, the Type and how I got it matters to me 
as much as what color underwear I am going to put on today. 
What matters, is that I am taking care of myself, and my health the best I 
can, with what I have. I can do no more, and no less. 
Let it rest, and join with everyone to celebrate life.
Tina H.
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